Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell to 2008!

Here are some of my favorite moments from 2008.
I have linked back to the orginal post on several of them!
Have a wonderful, happy, healthy new year!
Caleb and his new sister!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
She doesn't care for the life jacket :)
Nanny and Papaw at our 4 generation pictures!
How cool is she?
I'm a Horse!
Sunshine and Shopping!
She was so good on our trip to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale!
Caleb using my pyrex carrier as a back pack
Papaw and Georgia Kate!
Adam, Mamaw and Caleb
Aunt Grace and Georgia Kate
Finger Paint!

Late Christmas, Early Birthday...

Dad found a great deal on Omaha steaks and loves us so much he got us a whole box full of grill out goodness!
Thank You So Much!
Mom also found out Joe Diffie is coming to concert in June.
She got tickets and invited me!
Growing up, he was one of my favorites and it was just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about what a good concert he would put on!
I am uber-excited and have already informed Adam he is babysitting.
Six months is enough advanced notice, right?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Always an Adventure...

I made a trip to Target today.
I was looking for a specific item as I wondered the aisles.
The store was busy, but quiet.
As I walked past each aisle, only pausing to check for the elusive item, the kids were silent.
All of the sudden, Caleb jumps up and at the top of his lungs screams,
"Oh Boy, Mommy! Look!"
He runs to the rack and admires his new treasure, still talking as loudly as possible.
He is honestly amazed as he ooooooooo and ahhhhhhhs.
He rubs his hands across it much like you would a steering wheel of a new car. 
People are peeking around the edge of the aisle to see what has gotten this little boy so excited.
Then, they start giggling.
He is mesmerized by a bar stool.
"A chair, Mommy! Look, a chair"
You just never know what will catch their attention :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bah Humbug

Adam got into a tizzy yesterday.

It seems there are way more toys in our house than there are places to put them.

Especially with Christmas trains, trees and decorations covering every square inch of extra space.

So, down came the Christmas decor.

It took me forever to place every ball in the perfect place and it took us less than an hour to take everything down and put it back in the attic.

After a little nap for the kids, and some Guitar Hero for us, it was off to the "pish store."

Adam has been dying to make our bland aquarium more child friendly.

After looking at every concievable species of fish, we opted to just redo the tank and then add more fish at a later date.

Our bland fish tank prior to it's remodel

Caleb being Daddy's big helper!

We added purple, orange, lime, pink, green, blue and teal rocks.

It ended up looking like Fruity pebbles.

We LOVE it!

Adam and I also spent a lot of time adding a bubble line.

It definately keeps you interested in the tank and the fish love it.

We had a boat that bubbles, but it didn't work.

We wil be adding live plants and some other fun things slowly.

Hopefully, Caleb will get really interested in it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

They Don't Make A Patch For This...


My name is Ashlee and I have an addiction.

No, I do not smoke.

Truthfully, I am not much of a drinker.

I don't even take Tylenol on a regular basis.

I have to admit that Adam warned me.

He told me if I ever started, I would not be able to stop.

He was right.

I am addicted to Guitar Hero.

I have wasted hours of my day playing a fake guitar with

"Travis Barker" pre clean cut days...

I have spent a kazillion minutes trying to complete "No Sleep Til Brooklynn"

I can't stop!

My eyes are blurring.

The notes are running together and I am still dying to play.

I need help!

guitar hero Pictures, Images and Photos

This is how our tree looked after Christmas with Dad's family, Adam's family, Mom's family, and Santa came!
Santa brought Caleb a Thomas the train set!
And Georgia Kate got a stroller for her babies!
Bowling for Handy Manny, anyone?
Jammies, Aquadoodle, Bathtub letters and a fuzzy ball!
Activity cube!
We really do love eachother!
Because we obviously didn't get enough for Christmas, Adam and I went shopping the day after!
He found a wonderful ball-in-a-cup!
And to stick with tradition, we stopped by the apple barn and got apple fritters!
This started when I was pregnant with Caleb and craved these!
I got so excited we ended up going a night early and I whined until they opened their doors!
Adam demonstartes how to eat them properly....
Dip generously into the apple butter
And savor....
If needed, wash down with apple julep!
Applewood Apple Julep
Serves Six
1 cup Pineapple Juice
1 cup Orange Juice
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
1 quart Apple Juice
I do not recommend drinking this before long trips because it does contain lemon juice and the restroom is a nice thing to have around! I do however, recommend trying it! I LOVE it and drank it all the time when I was pregnant with Georgia Kate!

Christmas Recap!

We spent Christmas Eve with Adam's side of the family.
Taylor, Raylen and Amber watch as Caleb opens his Transformers Tent!
Bailey really liked her embroidered scarf and matching gloves!
So did Raylen...
And Abby...
And Amber!
Georgia Kate opening presents!
Oh Boy! A Fisher Price fish tank! She LOVES it!
What is it?!? I can't wait!
A truck!
A Massive Truck!
It is bigger than I am! 
Open it, PLEASE!
Ugh... I have to open clothes first?
Yes! I finally get to play with my truck!
Taylor really liked the sweat shirt we got him since he had forgotten his coat and wore shorts!
I made Jack a blanket...
It says, "Grandchildren are God's gift for not killing your kids"
Unker Adam and Bailey
Adam opening Guitar Hero!
He was so excited!
Phyllis opening her pearls!
and her table runner with matching napkins :)