Monday, December 1, 2008

My Sweet Baby Girl Is One!

I guess she really isn't a baby anymore :(
Thank you to everyone who came to her first birthday party!
We really appreciate so many of you making the effort on such a cold, nasty day.
Her Birthday Tutu!
On her birthday present. A rocking horse named cupcake :)
Being silly with Papaw
Caleb playing with the train
Miss Gracie
Thanks for coming!
Opening presents
Thanks Aunt Jill, Uncle Jake, Jarad, Justin and Jennifer
Thanks Trevor and Cassie
Thanks to those of you who also brought Caleb gifts!
They are already fighting over them :)
Yay! Baby Dolls! Thanks to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Amie and to the others that brought baby dolls! We ended up with some wih no cards! I aplogize for not knowing who to thank!
Thanks to James, Angie and Miss Gracie for the Little People legos! The kids had a blast with them last night!
Thanks Nanny for the cupcake onsies!
Jack, I am honestly more excited about these than the picture implies :)
Adam caught me off guard :)
These are a mint set that from the year she was born.
It is tradition that everyone in the family gets one for their first birthday!
James and Angie
Ugg Boots! WooHoo! Thanks Bryant!
Thank Nannah and Papaw!
Daddy giving her a taste of cupcake.
I made pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. It was delicious!
She was incredibly cautious while eating!
I barely had to wipe her down :)

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