Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mystery of The Disappering Babysitter

Gary, a wonderful co-worker and very sweet man passed away on Saturday.
Adam and I attended his funeral last night.
We left the kids with Adam's mother.
After the funeral, I called to check in.
Georgia Kate was already in bed and Caleb would be heading that way soon.
 We were starving so we decided to grab something to eat before coming home.
When we pulled into the driveway, something was just off.
We opened the door and no one was here.
Adam yelled out for Phyllis, but there was no answer.
I threw down my to go box as I ran down the hallway.
Caleb's door was locked so I swung it open.
There she was, just waiting.
She said as she put Caleb to bed, she heard a click and then he pulled the door closed quickly.
(they are on the outside since he was locking himself and Georgia Kate into rooms)
"I wock it, Mamaw!"

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