Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Always an Adventure...

I made a trip to Target today.
I was looking for a specific item as I wondered the aisles.
The store was busy, but quiet.
As I walked past each aisle, only pausing to check for the elusive item, the kids were silent.
All of the sudden, Caleb jumps up and at the top of his lungs screams,
"Oh Boy, Mommy! Look!"
He runs to the rack and admires his new treasure, still talking as loudly as possible.
He is honestly amazed as he ooooooooo and ahhhhhhhs.
He rubs his hands across it much like you would a steering wheel of a new car. 
People are peeking around the edge of the aisle to see what has gotten this little boy so excited.
Then, they start giggling.
He is mesmerized by a bar stool.
"A chair, Mommy! Look, a chair"
You just never know what will catch their attention :)

1 comment:

pam said...

Chairs can be exciting too, you know. Cute story.