Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Girls Have All The Fun!

When I found out I was expecting a little girl, I was beyond thrilled.
I dreamed of the days where she would demand to wear her princess dress while we shopped without any fussing.
She would let me fix her hair in cute little girl ways and she would love jewelry.
Instead, this is what she wants.
She picked out what she wanted to wear and it was not a battle I was willing to fight.
The only way to get her to keep a hairbow in is to let her pick the one she wants to wear.
And what is more thrilling than wearing one of each of your brother's favorite shoes?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's that time again!

With all the craziness going on around here, I nearly forgot about the World's Longest Yard Sale!
August 6-9, it runs from Ohio to Alabama!
That is a LOT of yard sales!
I had such a great time last year and this year it looks bigger and better!
I spent the majority of my Saturday in Crossville last year and didn't even scratch the surface!
They have tons of beautiful furniture and all kinds of crazy kitch collections!
You are sure to find something!
And, in case you are interested, HGTV is casting for their yard sale competition right now!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before and After

Since Adam had a long weekend, we took full advantage of the time fixing up the house.
Hopefully, we can get it finished and on the market by next week!
Friday morning, I pressure washed the house and driveway while Adam fixed up our front flower box.
Saturday, we chose to work indoors.
We started with this...
Caleb's room... bad paint, way too many toys...
became this!
Softer colors and less than half the toys!
to this!
We were going to put away the cars stickers but he had such a hard time with all the changes around here, I gave in.
We also painted the hallway and touched up several places around the house.
We were invited to several places for food and fireworks but we were just too tired to go.
So, we found ourselves at Walmart getting a pizza, ice cream and a couple of redbox movies.
We found this lovely cake and absolutely could not understand why no one would buy it.
I mean come on.. who wouldn't want a mokey cake that looks like dog poop?
We laughed until everyone in the store was convinced we had already been drinking and we hadn't touched a drop.
perhaps it was the enclosed house and paint fumes...
Today, I get to continue decluttering and painting all the trim a nice flat white.
Some fingerprints are easier to paint than to clean :)
Our real estate agent comes Thursday!
Lets hope I can keep it together until then :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Monday night, Adam had dinner with his new boss and some co-workers to discuss things that need to get done between now and August.
They discussed things like company cars and benefits and office space.
They told him they would rent an office for him for six months.
When the six months was up, we needed to be in a house with an office.
So, we are house hunting.
We had been talking about it for about a year now.
Where would we move? What kind of house do we want?
So, we are going to spend our holiday weekend fixing our house up so we can get it on the market.
When it sells, we can look for our new house!
I have already had two I love yanked out from under me so there will be no looking until we have a contract on this one.
I get giddy when I think about spending Christmas in a new house!