Friday, December 5, 2008

Mmmmmmm... Apples!

My children have an affinity for fruit.
While they will eat just about any kind of fruit, apples tend to rank high on their list of favorites.
Lately, they have both had a little diaper rash so we have cut out the apples until it heals.
As I got together the things I needed to make chili, Caleb got really excited.
"Look Mommy, Apple!" he said as he raced out of the kitchen.
I was still fixing my chili when Caleb came back.
He wondered around for a second before he tried to sneak a bite.
"Caleb, don't eat that. You won't like it."
"Uh-Huh," he said as he popped a bite of onion into his mouth
His face tensed up as he tried to smile.
"Is it good, baby?"
He popped another bite into his mouth and struggled to swallow.
"Yummy Apple!" he said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

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