Monday, December 28, 2009

CanvasPeople Free Canvas! ONLY PAY SHIPPING!

Canvas People is currently offering a $55 discount on any size canvas!
If you order an 8 x 10, it is free!
Shipping is about $15 so I was kind of cautious.
Mom ordered one for Dad for christmas and it turned out wonderfully!
When I checked back today, they were still offering them so I am placing my order!
This would be great for those adorable Christmas photos!

HotPrints Free Photobooks!!!

HotPrints is having a special offer right now!

If you sign up for a free account, you will get a free photobook per month!
These are paid for by advertisers but they insists the advertisments will not appear on any pages with pictures on them!
Just think 12 free photobooks!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


For the first year, we have stockings hung from the fireplace.
And, let me tell you, I have had a time convincing Caleb they are not, "Sockings."

Yesterday, I sat him down and explained they were stockings.
"ST...ST...ST...Stockings," I said.
And every time he looked at them I would repeat it.

Today, he checked to see if he had been good enough for Santa to come early.
As he shook all four of them, he looked at Georgia Kate and said, "Nope. Sorry. The ST...ST...ST...Stockings are empty."

Well, at least he isn't wearing them on his feet anymore... :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Mom

I did this last year and Mom loved it...
I had completely forgotten that she asked me to do it again this year until just now!
Mom, hope you enjoy!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

The Dreaded Christmas Card Picture...

Trying to catch a perfectly posed picture around here is like wishing for snow in June... It just isn't going to happen...

Seriously, this is the best picture I got of Caleb...

Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba for the whole "make a funny face" thing...

I hope you all have a wonderfully CRAZY Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Video!

Thanks to Kacey for posting the personalized Santa Video!

My kids were so excited to see a video of Santa with pictures of them in it!
I entered all the information and ramped the kids up for Santa.
All was going great until it got to the part where Santa knows what Caleb wanted and the conversation went something like this...

Me: Caleb look! Santa knows you want a Spiderman Bicycle!
Caleb: No!
Me: Yes! A big boy Spiderman Bike!
Caleb: No! I want a Train table!

Now I am torn between spending the next week anxious over whether he will forget the train table when he sees the bicycle or if I should go get a train table...

Looks like Santa heard Caleb loud and clear and a train table will be the prize for good little boys and girls :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Poor, neglected blog...
I have been meaning to update, but it's nearly impossible these days.

The kids are keeping me busy...
The house is on the market and must stay clean ...
It is nearly Christmas and I still feel ill prepared...

The kids have been sick for a while now.
Caleb spiked a fever last night so off to the doctor we went...
Both kids have a tragically bad sinus infections, bronchitis and a small possibility of pneumonia.
Caleb's has no fever in the morning, but it seems to spike at night.
If he's not better by the end of the week, we get to go back for a chest x-ray.
Until then, we are on a round of amoxicillian.

The good news is they gave us a nice long perscription so we can be all better by Christmas!