Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When People Are Laughing, They're Generally Not Killing Eachother ~ Alan Alda

Yesterday, I had some kind of stomach bug.
After a horribly bad day, I was ready to get the kids in bed.
I gathered pajamas and diapers, creams and blankets.
The kids had a snotty nose so they needed a little medicine in order to breathe while laying down.
Adam attempted to fill the syringe with medicine.
He barely got any.
He pulled it out of the bottle and pushed the plunger.
Mixed Berry medicine flew across the room and landed convieniently on the side of my head.
I ran my fingers through the sticky gunk covering my hair.
I knew he had not pelted me on purpose, but I really, really wanted to be angry.
I put on my best pissed off face and looked over at the man who had just shot me with cough syrup.
His chin was nearly touching the floor and his eyes were the size of watermelons.
He knew it was coming and he was so shocked, he couldn't even brace for it.
I cracked up.
I laughed until tears rolled down my face.
Suddenly, I was feeling a little better.

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