Sunday, September 21, 2008

Under the Sea... and Other Weekend Fun...

I didn't get to go to the game Friday night, so I spent a little extra time playing with the kids at Mom and Dads. Georgia Kate had lots of fun on the ride on toys!Caleb did not like her riding in his dump truck! Saturday, I got to go watch Adam do a little refereeing. That is him in the middle!He was supposed to referee more games in Oak Ridge, but they moved them up and he wasn't able to make it. Since he had the rest of the afternoon off, we went Gatlinburg!After we stopped for some Apple Barn wine, of course!Gatlinburg had set up huge pumpkins everywhere! Caleb would not sit on the first one. After that, we couldn't pass a huge pumpkin without him climbing on it. The AquariumCan you find the fish?Is it any clearer in this picture?Caleb did not like the waterfall!Georgia Kate loved it!This fish was hugeYou can see how big it was compared to Caleb.He wouldn't sit by himself :)This shark was laying on top of the tunnelAnother fish we couldn't get Caleb to go nearHe really liked the sharksFor those of you who wonder why I am never in any pictures, it is because this is what happens when I hand Adam a camera. To avoid albums full of my rear end, I keep the cameraBlow fish!Horseshoe crabsCaleb didn't know if he should be excited or scaredThis octopus really gave me the creeps. It just kept moving around"Kids! Get out of Mr. Johanson's Yard!"
(Who knows what that was from?)Doesn't this stingray look like it is smiling?Caleb trying to pet the stingrayFrogsCaleb taking on a Siamese Fighting Fish!He gave up and tried to feed the fish Georgia Kate!More big pumpkin sitting Adam and I went to this fountain on our 3rd date. Now, we come back every time we visit Gatlinburg. 5 years ago we would have died laughing if someone had told us this is where we would be...
but we certainly wouldn't trade it in or anything!
Nobody looking at the camera... Georgia Kate is even chewing on her toes!Sure Mom! I'll stop chewing on my toes long enough for you to take a picture!As we headed back to the car, Georgia Kate fell asleep. She was exhausted!

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