Friday, December 12, 2008

The Finer Things In Life

I asked for a few things this year, but most of my Christmas wish list doesn't come out until after Christmas.
Therefore, I will have nothing under the tree.
It honestly does't concern me because Adam has taken the day after Christmas off so that we can go to pigeon forge for some MAJOR outlet shopping!
I would much rather spend that money on "might as well be free" Waterford Christmas ornaments :)
Unconvinced that not having something under the tree was acceptable, he pressed me for information last night.
I mentioned that I would like to have a pair of Martini studs.
We moved on to some other smaller things that it would be nice to have.
After a few minutes of trying to come up with a diverse list, Adam recapped.
"So, you would like some blue moon studs, and some....."
Blue Moon is his favorite brand of beer.
I busted out laughing.
Yes dear, you just go ask for some blue moon studs.
Maybe, just maybe, they will custom create them for me :)

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