Thursday, February 26, 2009

Til The End

Adam and I took the kids to the gym pool last night.
Caleb is becoming quite the little fish.
Georgia Kate rode in her float until she was nearly asleep.

Adam and I take turns watching the kiddos while the other swims a couples of laps.
During my last lap, my legs were on fire.
My arms were no better.
Then, I looked over.
There, sitting on the stairs, was Caleb.
He was splashing and jumping around.
His huge smile made his left dimple sink in.
He was screaming, as loud as he could, "Go Mommy! Go!"

Suddenly, my legs and arms were fine.
I pushed through and finished the lap.
As my fingers hit the wall, he lept off the stairs.
"Yay, Mommy!"

Funny how such little people make such a big impact :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dressed Up Button Down

I used this tutorial to make one of the sweetest dresses ever out of a man's button down shirt!
I picked the shirt up at Goodwill over the weekend.
Unfortunately, my math was off somewhere (surprise!) and it ended up being a little too big.
I left the hem off for now and will fix it when she grows into it!
I have two more shirts to do...
Maybe they will fit better :)
I also made her this super simple halter dress out of one of Adam's old t-shirts!
She LOVES it!
Two new dresses and I spent less than $2!

I Told You This One Would Be Trouble...

Marky Mark is back.
Today, he gave himself a hickey.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Concerned...

I think I may be raising the next Marky Mark...
Do you see the resemblance?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Problems Solved....

In an effort to cure myself of my funky-ness, I turned to my sewing machine.
If I make something totally adorable to put Georgia Kate in, I will feel better...
Logical, I know...
So, I made a dress and it is super cute.
But it was also super simple and didn't make me feel better.

 I made a couple of pillows for the chair in her room.
One turned out super cute.
The other got returned to the scrap pile because it is truly hideous... What was I thinking?
My funk was growing deeper...
So, I decided to make "Baby Legs."
A quick search from Google and I hit the jackpot.
But, I didn't have any knee high socks on hand...

Everyday Chaos had a cupcake purse tutorial that I had to try.

Now, to distract the kids while I create magic...
A tub of water, a shower curtain and a countless number of kitchen supplies later...
They were as happy as can be...

And, so was I...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm spoiled....

Adam is probably falling over himself to read this post.
Sorry honey, it isn't what you think...
I told him I was in a funk.
Nothing is wrong with me, I am just not myself.
Last week, it was beautiful.
We got outside. We ran. We played.
We got to go down the slide a kazillion times.
We were spoiled with an early spring.
Then, mother nature took it all away.
This week, has been less than thrilling.
The warm weather has retreated and left us with nasty, dark, rain filled days.
I am not the only on suffering from cabin fever.
The kids have been crazy.
Giving them a week to run about wild and free and taking them away, I'm sure is pure torture.
I bet they feeled like a caged animal and I really can't blame them.
It's hard to get out and do fun things, because of the stages they are in.
Caleb would love to go do some things, but Georgia Kate just isn't big enough yet.
The things that Georgia Kate can do are too young for Caleb.
And, there is only one of me, so sending them to do different things is out of the question.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday, the kids got their Valentine's cards from Aunt Linda.
She really loves us!
And she sent us "paper monies!"
So we went to the store and Caleb picked out this awesome "I Rock Guitar!"
He hasn't put it down yet!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh! The Romance!

Ahhhhhhhh. Valentines Day....
This day used to make me giddy.
I was always so excited to leave school with a few flowers and at least one or two balloons...
It doesn't quit give the same thrill these days.
Two Valentine's ago, Adam and I saw Little Children.
There is nothing quite like a movie about adultry to put you in the Valentines mood.
Last year, my Dad sent me flowers.
I baked some cookies and everyone came over for a quick dinner.
Then, the men were off to finish putting in our gas line so we could hook up our new fireplace.
This year, the tradition continues.
We will begin the day by meeting with on old friend of Adams to get our taxes done.
Then, it's home for a little yard work.
Later, we are going to a hockey game.
Nothing says "I love you" like watching men get slammed into a wall.
(ok... I have to confess... I really like going to the hockey games... and I suggested we go to a game for Valentines...)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Faucet

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I claimed to be a genius because I helped Adam work on some plumbing? 
Well, I did it again...

After a couple of days of prodding from  my husband, I decided to fix the drippy sink in the bathroom.
I dug through mountains of tools to find the exact ones I needed.
The handle came off without incident.
I was excited. This was going to be a breeze.

45 minutes later, I am still trying to get the stupid thing apart.
I called the manufacturer.
Surely they could tell me how to take this stupid thing apart...

"There is no model number! There is nothing printed on the fauctet."
 "Mam, that is not our product."
"It is too! Every faucet in my house is made by you!"
"Mam, I can assure you it is not our faucet. We can not longer be of assistance to you."

I go to the Home Depot website, hoping I can find my faucet and model number.
It isn't there.
Do you  know why the faucet isn't on the Home Depot website?
Because I bought it at Lowes!!!!!
And it was not made by the manufacturer that I had called.
(See I told you I am a genius)

I finally got it apart thanks to instructions on the real manufactuers website. 

After a quick trip to the store, I put it back together and tested it. No More Dripping!
But, something still wasn't right.
I decided to take it apart again and make some small adjustments.
I unscrewed the nut holding the whole thing together.
Water went flying everywhere!
"Help Me!" I scremed!
Mom was here watching the kids for me.
She stood there looking at water spray across every surface in the bathroom and what did she do?
She told me to turn it off while turning on the cold water!
She did finally shut the water off under the sink.
We both laughed uncontrollably.
I did finally fix it.
It turns on, off, and doesn't even drip!
Even though the directions said, "This is an easy repair. You should go ahead and replace both sides," I stopped while I was ahead...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Case of Salmonella (with a side of guilt)...

Adam called this morning to tell me that the trail mix that I have been feeding the kids was recalled in the Peanut Butter scandal.


I grabbed the bag out of the cabinet and took to the wonderful internet to make myself into a nervous wreck.
After a little digging, I did find where our trail mix has been recalled although the FDA has yet to mention it on their website.

A little more digging into symptoms of Salmonella and it hits me.

Last week, I begged Adam to come home and help me. The kids were sick again...
 I sat in Georgia Kate's room, scrubbing the floor with spot shot because she had thrown up everywhere.
I had changed diapers that were so bad that they required bathing for everyone involved.
Caleb spent a fair amount of time running to the potty... 
I figured we had been giving them lots of fruit and simply cut back on the amount they ate...
(that also meant I no longer gave them Craisin trail mix)

Why did it not occur to me that it could have been something more serious?
That guilty feeling is lingering in my stomach...

I called the doctor's office and they assured me that as long as they are back to normal, there is no need to do anything.  They also said that there is no way to know if they actually had Salmonella or if it was a simple stomach bug.

Ugh. This Mommy gig is tough....

Crafty Caleb: Part 2

Caleb loves doing the Kid's Workshop at Home Depot.
This month, they made jewelry boxes for Valentines day!
See last month's craft here.
Next month it is a race track for his cars!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wild Weekend!

It was a gorgeous weekend. The weathers was warm and so very springlike.
Believe me, we soaked up every ounce of sunlight.
Adam changed the oil in our cars and Caleb had a ball helping him!
Oil is too messy for Georgia Kate so she played at Mamaw's house...
Sunday, we went to look at some property with Mom and Dad.
Again, the weather was gorgeous!
(and so was the property!)
Caleb was having too much fun running around and did not want to have his picture made!
Georgia Kate was just grumpy :)
Me goofing off with the camera
14 acres gives the kids tons of room to run!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mommy Fights

The kids were extermely fussy today.
Since it is WAY to cold to play outside, I loaded them up and headed to the mall play area.
The kids always have a ball and we get to eat lunch with Daddy!

I don't go to this play area often because it is quite a drive and I usually leave upset with someone. Today,  I was determined I would not let some cranky mommy aggrivate me into ending playtime sooner than planned.

The play area has a stationary car that you climb up into.
Caleb loves the car.

So today, Caleb was trying to get into the car when a young girl came over and distracted him so her sister (who was 5 or 6) could get in first. Then, she would not let Caleb touch the car. If he happened to get his hands on it, she pushed him away.

Now, I understand that they are just kids and arguments come with the territory. I also think they should learn to work it out themselves, without Mommy jumping in every time. Now, if it is necessary, I have no problem asking another parent to regain control of their child, should the situation call for it. At this point, it was not one of those situations.

I sat, silently, while Caleb attempted to regain his spot inside the car only to be pushed backwards at the last second. I encouraged him to find another place to play after the little girl pinched his arm although I really was hoping he would stand up for himself. And, He did. 
He politely walked up to the car and said,  "please, play. Please?"
Her reply? "Noooooooooooooooo!"

When she turned her back for a split second, Caleb saw his chance. He hopped right into the passenger seat and refused to move. I watched my determined little boy, arms crossed, not budge as she wiggled and squirmmed trying to knock him out of his seat. Her sister even got on the hood of the car for assistance. It didn't help. 

The car hogging girl had had enough. She grabbed Caleb's feet and before I knew what was going on, flipped him, head first out of the car. Luckily, Caleb is strong, and very much the gymnastic-y type. He flipped and landed safely. He even gave me a thumbs up for safe measure.

The dad only caught his daughter flipping Caleb out of the car. He fussed at her. Then, because he was outside the play area, asked his wife to pack up the kids... they were leaving. He explained to his wife that the young girl was being mean to the little kids again and he wasn't going to allow it. I was so glad that I didn't have to step in!

The wife, didn't see the issue the same way her husband saw it.
Angry, she snatched up her things and walked toward me.

"You need to teach your child some manners!"

I was blank.
 And, frankly, it was probably for the best.
Security escorting you from the mall is not a good example for your children.
(Neither is Santa's elves asking you to leave... but that's a story for another day...)

She stormed off.

All the children played happily together for the next hour and a half without incident.

I watched as Caleb asked kids if he could play with them.
I was happy when he didn't shove his way to the front of the line for the slide.
I was proud of my little boy who never acted on his frustration with the young girl.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Toe The Line

While Adam was slaving away on the US border, Caleb and I were lucky enough to get to live in Arizona with him.
One afternoon, he came home limping.
"I was cutting a pipe and it fell on my toe," he said.
Being the sweetheart that I am, I think I said something like, "Suck it up trainee. It is just a toe!"
He was completely unimpressed with my outpouring of sympathy.

Later, I got a second to take a look at it.
I felt so bad. It looked terrible.
Further inspection of his boot, reavealed a circle where to hot pipe had melded to his shoe.

I couldn't back out on my "tough love" so I just left things the way they were.
And believe me, Adam never forgot it.

Yesterday, as I stumbled out of bed, I tripped over our computer chair.
My toes were throbbing as Adam helped me off of the floor.
I could see him fighting back a smirk.
He wanted to say it.
I was thinking it.

Instead, we both just laughed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Get To

Lana at My Kids Did WHAT?! posted a blog called, "I Get To."
(She is great! Go see for yourself!)

"I Get To" is a saying she stumbled across.
A saying to remind herself to basque in every moment of her life.
To enjoy the mundane an take nothing for granted.
I Get To do things... I don't have to.

When I read it, I thought, "How wonderfully simple." I vowed to try it.
Before long, my new mantra faded from my mind. Until today.

Today, I read the heartwrenching letters of a mother who lost her baby .
I was reminded of all the things "I Get To" do, every single day.

I Get To wake up every morning and enjoy the day with my babies.

I Get To watch Diego daily because it brings joy to my children.

I Get To feed them nutricious meals, without having to struggle for it.

I Get To listen to them laugh and play, and yes, even argue.

I Get To fall asleep in a warm bed, in a good neighborhood with the knowledge that my family is safe.

I Get To see my children go crazy for a Daddy who loves them more than the world.

I Get To watch my children grow up, happy and healthy.

I Get To be the wife of a man who loves me and encourages me to be all that I want to be.

I Get To laugh, learn, love and live each day to the fullest.

What do you GET TO do?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Early?

Is she too young to prance around like the cutest girl in the world?
I think not...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sew wishing for spring...

With Punxsutawney Phil predicting six more weeks of winter, I got a jump on Georgia Kate's spring and summer wardrobe!
Since I did a lot of handmade things for Christmas this year, I was kind of on sewing overload.
My new sewing machine was begging to be used, so I obliged and it felt so good to be doing something creative again!
I saw this one on ETSY a couple of months ago. I didn't love exactly what the seller had done, so I thought I would make my own and it came out so cute!
This will be her Valentines outfit!
I bought this pattern twice I loved it so much.
For a "Sew Easy" pattern it was difficult to figure out the directions, but the end result was so worth it!
And I saw this on Sweetplume's etsy shop and fell in love!
But I of course don't have a pattern for this...
So I made one!
Here is the dress underneath...
Keep in mind this was just a practice on practice material, but I ended up loving it as just a dress.
I can't wait to make the whole outfit with feathers and all!