Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh! The Things People Say!

I was in a really ugly mood Friday.
To cheer me up, Adam took me Christmas shopping.
We debated colors, sizes and stores to shop from.
We held hands and remembered what life was like before we were responsible for our children.
With the prospects of a new job looming near, Adam wanted to check out some new clothes.
We browsed through beautiful Cahsmere sweaters, corduroy pants, and all kinds of other gorgeous clothes.
Adam came across a camel hair jacket with a dress shirt and sweater that he really liked.
He stood and admired the look for a few minutes before we continued our quest for other people's Christmas gifts.
As we walked down the sidewalk, Adam said, "I really liked that camel toe jacket."
(If you do not know what a camel toe is then I don't suggest searching for it if you are easily offended.
Mom, trust me, you don't want to know.)

Later, we were checking out at Target.
We ended up with the "punk" cashier that had a nose piercing that looked like this although admittedly more dainty.

A woman with two girls got into line behind us.
The mother was quite obviously already annoyed with her children's antics.
The youngest of the girls stepped up in front of the cashier and said with brutal honesty,
"You look like a bull"
The mother did nothing but shake her head.

Last night, as Adam and I snuggled into bed he said, "Be proud of me, baby!"
I thought he wanted me to be proud that he put new lights in the attic or that he watched the kids while I worked on Christmas presents. Perhaps he wanted me to be proud he had fixed dinner or that he had folded laundry and made the bed.
Before I could utter, "for what?" the answer came.
"I didn't take a nap today!"
Yes dear, I am so very proud :)

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