Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balloon Festival!

Adam, the kids and I met Angie and Gracie at the Balloon Festival last night. The weather was a little iffy so they didn't have any of the balloons out when we got there. We enjoyed some time in the kids area where Caleb got to play with blocks...Do some sliding...And, shoot some hoops...Then we enjoyed some Kettle CornIt was quite windy and it kept blowing the kettle corn into the stroller.
Georgia Kate really liked it!Angie and Gracie got there and we played with the ducks!And we got some awesome bunny ears!
Georgia Kate liked them at first...
Then they got on her nerves...By the end, she needed her fingers to get through the experience :O)Gracie didn't mind them at all...Caleb thought they were rather fun...And so did Adam!Gracie and Georgia Kate became really good friends by the end of the night!Caleb made some new friends too!
He walked right up and sat down on their blanket and told them all about his day. They also shared their popcorn! Little flirt! The wind died down in time for the show, but there was a rain cloud coming and only a few balloons chose to participate. The rain held off long enough for the show. It was quite neat and would have been really neat if all of the balloons had participated!
I will post a video when the kiddos take a nap!