Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Good And Bad Of It All...

I will start with the bad news. Mom had a doctors appointment today. We thought since he didn't ask her to come in yesterday, he would just put her in a boot and send her on her way... We were wrong. It turns out she has a second degree sprain in her left ankle and a broken fibula on the right side. They could just put her in a cast and hope for the best, but it usually ends up re-breaking itself or healing wrong. Instead, they suggested surgery. She will have a teeny, tiny plate and 6 pins put in first thing Friday morning. They put her in a sock like brace for the sprain. She will then be put in a boot/brace for somewhere between six weeks and three months.
On a MUCH, MUCH lighter note, Michael Buble is coming to Knoxville! Adam and I have been to Nashville to see him and he really puts on a fantastic show. Best of all, it falls right around our wedding anniversary!
(Yes, Adam that is a big hint!)

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