Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve, Eve

We spent last night with my father's side of the family.
Everyone was in such a lovely mood.
Seth opening his fishing rod
Mandy opening her Legos
Caleb opening his toy guns! Thanks Uncle Bryant!
Oh Boy! This is a huge bag full of toys!
Look, Mommy! There are still more!
Georgia Kate loves her play jewelry
Oh! The testosterone!
A new truck!
Joshua and Georgia Kate
Jordan and Samantha
We played the dirty santa game.
Adam got a nice set of screwdrivers and Caleb selected a nice gumball machine for me.
He was so excited.
Adam guarding my gumball machine.
If we had lost it, Caleb would have had a total meltdown!
Sarah and Samantha
Jordan opening a purse during the dirty santa game.
Myself and Samantha
Kristi is the quentessential little girl.
She insisted on wearing a stripy shirt, a red dress, pigtails, go go boots, a teddy bear and a tiara.
It was so hot in the house.
Caleb and Alex spent the better part of the evening eating ice out of the coolers.
Kristi holding Samantha

1 comment:

pam said...

Looks like a great Christmas Eve. Lots of kids, family, fun and gifts.

I hope you are having a perfect Christmas day with you family.

I will check in on you again soon.