Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap!

We spent Christmas Eve with Adam's side of the family.
Taylor, Raylen and Amber watch as Caleb opens his Transformers Tent!
Bailey really liked her embroidered scarf and matching gloves!
So did Raylen...
And Abby...
And Amber!
Georgia Kate opening presents!
Oh Boy! A Fisher Price fish tank! She LOVES it!
What is it?!? I can't wait!
A truck!
A Massive Truck!
It is bigger than I am! 
Open it, PLEASE!
Ugh... I have to open clothes first?
Yes! I finally get to play with my truck!
Taylor really liked the sweat shirt we got him since he had forgotten his coat and wore shorts!
I made Jack a blanket...
It says, "Grandchildren are God's gift for not killing your kids"
Unker Adam and Bailey
Adam opening Guitar Hero!
He was so excited!
Phyllis opening her pearls!
and her table runner with matching napkins :)

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