Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Weekend...

I know, my blog is a mess. I am in the process of redesigning it. Until I figure out exactly how I want it, accept my apologies and please don't stop visiting!

Friday, we visited Carl Cowen Park. Since school is back in sesssion, the park was pretty empty! Caleb played with the few other children and had lots of fun! Georgia Kate spent most of her time playing,
"How many times will Nannah put this hat back on me?"

Friday night, we went to the Anderson Co. vs. Clinton game. It was Georgia Kate's first football game! She made it until the two minute warning before she fell asleep!We got some outside time recently and Georgia Kate found out she like the kiddie slide. The only problem is she likes to go down head first!She also thinks the Caleb is a wonderful driver!

He is blowing us Bye- Bye Kisses! I guess it's time to go!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Georgia Kate no longer has to sit underneath the dishwasher and miss all the fun! Now, she can pull up right beside it!We finally got Caleb's new bed. This thing is massive! It will grow with him all the way up into a full bed! He loves his new bed! If someone comes over, he has to show them his new big boy bed!
And, Mamaw (or Mami as Caleb calls her) came over Tuesday. She took Caleb on a field trip to the tire store! He had lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry about the colors on he blog. I was trying to update it and blogspot has a bug. Now I'm stuck with this craziness until they figure out what is going on! Sorry!!! I will send out an email when they get everything fixed!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday and Lots of Catch-Up

It has really been quite the week. We went to visit Mom last weekend and I told Adam that I wanted some apples out of Mom and Dad's apple tree. I had only wanted a few but I ended up with an entire car full of them! Let's just say I learned a lot about peeling, cooking, canning and all things apple!

After three days of washing, peeling, cooking and storing apples I was exhausted. I was also incredibly proud of myself. I canned 26 quarts and 24 half pints of apple and pumpkin goodies.

I also made this delicious apple, strawberry, peach pie. At least I think it was delicious. I don't eat peaches so I can only guess that it tasted as good as it looks!

For those of you who I will get to spend Thanksgiving with, I have mastered the art of the homemade pumpkin pie! Fresh pumpkin in a homemade pie crust... I just doesn't get any yummier!

Now, Fashion Flub Friday!!!

Caleb is sporting the latest in Chicken Salad beards...

While Georgia Kate prefers the potato cake look...

Caleb in newly washed socks and Daddy's shoes... again!

And Caleb put traffic cones on mom's toes. We decided orange wasn't really her color :)

And why spend a fortune on those Back To School Back Packs and lunch boxes? You can get the best of both worlds with a Pyrex Casserole carrier! It is certain to keep warm lunches warm and cold lunches cold :)

Also works great for extra storage on an ATV!

Tonight, we went outside to shuck the corn for dinner. Caleb got to hold a worm!
I, of course, named him Herman. Then, we had lots of fun with the water hose!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday!

I have been incredibly busy this week so there wasn't a lot of time to catch all of Caleb's incredible wardrobe. Wednesday, however, he insisted on wearing last years Halloween costume everywhere. It may have been pushing 100 degrees but there is no talking a two year old out of being a skunk.
My Little Stinker

Georgia Kate is officially crawling now. She loves to hide under toys or sneak off to Caleb's room. I caught her under her exersaucer. Her smile just melts my heart. When I put those on here, it reminded me of this one. Caleb had crawled under his walker and when he tried to crawl out it would roll with him. He used to crawl everywhere surronded by this thing. My kids are nuts!
When I put Georgia Kate to bed tonight, Caleb was really quiet. When I went looking for him, I found him tucking in Benny in our bedroom. As he walked out he Shhhushed me and then closed the door. He is such a good big brother :)
Mom had her surgery today. I am very happy to say she did wonderfully. They put her in a temporary splint so the swelling can go down. She will go back sometime in the next couple of weeks and get a hard cast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scrub a Dub Dub

I was sitting at the computer when Caleb walked by and got the broom. That is pretty normal. Then he came back and got the mop. Again, pretty normal.
Then he came back for the dust pan.
I knew it was trouble.
I peeked around the corner and he had dumped an entire container of oatmeal on the living room floor.
So much for having meatloaf for dinner...
It was bath night!
On nights when Adam is away, I bathe them together to save time :)This is the biggest smile I got all night. She really hates taking a bath...Caleb on the other hand will play for hours, if I would let him.Happy to be wrapped up and warm :)This just seems so unbelieveable to me...

This is Caleb (17 1/2 months) and Georgia Kate (5 days)

18 months and 1 month19 months and 2 months20 months and 3 months24 months and 6 1/2 months And tonight...
Caleb is 26 months and Georgia Kate is 8 1/2 months

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Good And Bad Of It All...

I will start with the bad news. Mom had a doctors appointment today. We thought since he didn't ask her to come in yesterday, he would just put her in a boot and send her on her way... We were wrong. It turns out she has a second degree sprain in her left ankle and a broken fibula on the right side. They could just put her in a cast and hope for the best, but it usually ends up re-breaking itself or healing wrong. Instead, they suggested surgery. She will have a teeny, tiny plate and 6 pins put in first thing Friday morning. They put her in a sock like brace for the sprain. She will then be put in a boot/brace for somewhere between six weeks and three months.
On a MUCH, MUCH lighter note, Michael Buble is coming to Knoxville! Adam and I have been to Nashville to see him and he really puts on a fantastic show. Best of all, it falls right around our wedding anniversary!
(Yes, Adam that is a big hint!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

127 Sale!

This was not my fist time to the sale. I went 3 years ago by myself. It was a lot of fun, but this year was so much better. Dad and Georgia Kate went with me and we had a blast!

I was in search of a trunk to use as a toy box. I didn't want anything that would be ruined should a sippy cup full of milk happen to find it's way to the bottom and not be found for a long period of time. I wanted something that could be climbed on without the slightest hint of buckling. I wanted something with character. And most importantly, I wanted something cheap! This is what I found!

Not bad for $45, huh?

We also bought a HUGE watermelon

Several bags of Pork Rinds :) Yummy!

Georgia Kate really likes them!

I got Adam The Best Of Rap tape and a Huey Lewis And The News tape for his truck!

And this baby toy. I have never seen one like this... The little bear on top dances around and sings. Caleb loves it!

When we got home, Mom called. She fell down the stairs and broke her right ankle and sprained her left ankle. She also bumped her head pretty hard but her CT scan came back negative. She is doing fine now, and Percocet is her friend.

Dad will be out of town for most of the week and Bryant starts back to school tomorrow so Mom will be spending a lot of time at my house the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the break is clean enough this time that it doesn't require any surgery.