Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sweet September

Caleb got a little confused!
Oh! The ball goes here? Oops!
Georgia Kate really enjoyed the chocolate covered pretzels!
And Papaw got to take Caleb and Georgia Kate on a tractor ride!
It was a good weekend!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stock Up Shopping!

Our children were in desperate need of some winter clothing.
Caleb had a pair of 18 month jeans bought last year that finally fit him around the waist but the legs hit him somewhere around mid- calf.
Georgia Kate had some things from last year that she should be able to wear this year, but was in need of some pants. I can't believe that she will be 10 months old and is still wearing 3-6 month clothes!
I had planned on going Saturday, but Adam had a double shift refereeing and the kids were being horrible. So, Adam took me yesterday!
I can't believe how many sweet little outfits I got and how little we spent for all of them! I had quite a few coupons and gift cards to places and most of them had some great deals going on!
I managed to find Caleb one pair of pants that will work if we have a belt and several shirts. If anyone happens to see a really good deal on 2T pants with the adjustable waist band, please let me know!
Adam also got a great deal on some new work shoes! After dragging out several pairs of shoes, I am sure the guy at Belk was so happy we actually purchased something!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balloon Festival!

Adam, the kids and I met Angie and Gracie at the Balloon Festival last night. The weather was a little iffy so they didn't have any of the balloons out when we got there. We enjoyed some time in the kids area where Caleb got to play with blocks...Do some sliding...And, shoot some hoops...Then we enjoyed some Kettle CornIt was quite windy and it kept blowing the kettle corn into the stroller.
Georgia Kate really liked it!Angie and Gracie got there and we played with the ducks!And we got some awesome bunny ears!
Georgia Kate liked them at first...
Then they got on her nerves...By the end, she needed her fingers to get through the experience :O)Gracie didn't mind them at all...Caleb thought they were rather fun...And so did Adam!Gracie and Georgia Kate became really good friends by the end of the night!Caleb made some new friends too!
He walked right up and sat down on their blanket and told them all about his day. They also shared their popcorn! Little flirt! The wind died down in time for the show, but there was a rain cloud coming and only a few balloons chose to participate. The rain held off long enough for the show. It was quite neat and would have been really neat if all of the balloons had participated!
I will post a video when the kiddos take a nap!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday!

Caleb always wears his hat backward!
Bath night always means a bad hair day for Georgia Kate!
Don't you just love Adam's new shoes?!?
Yes, these monstrosities really did come in a size 14!
No, Adam didn't buy them...

Hairy Situation

Because I couldn't stand Caleb's last hair cut, Adam promised me that he would not say anything about getting it cut again. I could get it cut on my terms. He did really well for a while. But, now it is quite long and does get a little einstein-ish and Adam asks on a daily basis when I am going to get it cut. So today, against my better judgement and with much trepidation, we went for a hair cut.
"Caleb, lets go get a hair cut! You are going to be good for Mommy, right?" I said pulling him out of the car.
"Mmm hmmm"
We walk inside and his hand flinches, his grip growing tighter. We signed in and sat on the waiting bench. Not even a minute later, we were ready. Caleb's feet anxiously walked toward the chair with the gigantic cushion. He hit the floor. Screaming. Lots of screaming. He did not want a hair cut.
Being the wonderful mother that I am, I picked him up with one arm and placed him in the chair. He flung himself out, head first. I managed to catch him by the arm while the woman who was supposed to be cutting his hair caught his leg. He was still screaming. Other customers are laughing.
I decide to give up, feeling a little defeated.
Heading to the door, he spots a basket of Dum Dums.
"You can have a sucker, but you have to sit in the chair."
He ran to the waiting area and sat down.
I grabbed a sucker and stood by the stylist's chair. He came close but would not step on the rubber mat under the chair. When I pulled him a little closer, he went into fit mode again.
Very defeated, we walked out, Caleb still sobbing.
"Goodbye!" everyone inside said.
As if nothing had happened, Caleb's sobbing stopped he turned to them with a huge smile and said
"Bye Bye!"
I could hear them laughing as I loaded him into the car.

Sew Ready!

I finished the kids Halloween costumes! Georgia Kate's needs some elastic but other than that it is DONE!

I really haven't done a lot of sewing. I can do things in squares (pillows, curtains, etc.) pretty easily. Since this was the first time I have used a pattern, I was a little confused. With some instructions from my Grandmother, Great Aunt, and Mother-in- Law, they turned out wonderfully!
Georgia Kate and Caleb were both wonderful helpers!

Caleb's Bamm Bamm costume

Georgia Kate's Pebbles costume

Now, I just have to get their accessories together!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outside Fun!

The kids and I went outside to play with sidewalk chalk a couple of days ago. Caleb was more interested in chasing bugs and Georgia Kate enjoyed taste testing the chalk. She prefers purple.

Breakfast of Champions

I am guilty of avoiding the trip to the grocery store.
I really need a couple of things, but hate dragging both kids out, listening to one scream, carefully placing food in the the cart that is already full of children only to have it crushed because someone wasn't facing the correct cereal character.
Now, it isn't like we don't have ANY food in the house. There are plenty of options for someone who wants to take the time to look. There are pancakes...there are eggs...there is even oatmeal.
But instead, this was Adam's breakfast!
Does it help that it is on whole wheat toast?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I love this time of year. There is something about the crisp air, the beautiful colors and all the holidays that just take a hold of me. It also happens to be the time of year Adam and I started dating and got married!

Today, I really got into the spirit and began making Caleb and Georgia Kate's Halloween costumes!

I knew as soon as I found out that Georgia Kate was going to be a girl what my children would be this year. I only have a limited number of years to put them in coordinating costumes and I am taking full advantage of it. I have scoured the internet for the perfect accessories and I totally think I have nailed it!

This year, my children will be Pebbles and Bam Bam!
Caleb modeling what will be his outfit!

By tomorrow evening, I should have quite a bit more done and lots of pictures!

Up, Up and Away

photo courtesy pstcc.edu/balloon

This Friday and Saturday, Pellissippi State is having the 5th annual Hot Air Balloon Festival!

There will be more than 25 balloons that have been choreographed to "flash and burn" in time to specially selected songs.

Admission is $5 per person and children 5 and under are free (includes parking).

They are also offering tethered balloon rides.
($15 for adults/ $10 for children. Children must be 36")

Friday, September 26
4:00—8:00 p.m. Tethered balloon rides
5:30 p.m. Balloon Liftoff
8:00 p.m. Balloon “Glow”

Saturday, September 27
7:30 a.m. —noon Tethered balloon rides
7:30 a.m. Balloon Liftoff
4:00—8:00 p.m. Tethered balloon rides
5:30 p.m. Balloon Liftoff
8:00 p.m. Balloon “Glow”

Adam has a game and I really want to go...
So, is anyone interested in going with me?
Or, if you are planning on going and don't mind me joining you, please let me know!
I am so excited!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Under the Sea... and Other Weekend Fun...

I didn't get to go to the game Friday night, so I spent a little extra time playing with the kids at Mom and Dads. Georgia Kate had lots of fun on the ride on toys!Caleb did not like her riding in his dump truck! Saturday, I got to go watch Adam do a little refereeing. That is him in the middle!He was supposed to referee more games in Oak Ridge, but they moved them up and he wasn't able to make it. Since he had the rest of the afternoon off, we went Gatlinburg!After we stopped for some Apple Barn wine, of course!Gatlinburg had set up huge pumpkins everywhere! Caleb would not sit on the first one. After that, we couldn't pass a huge pumpkin without him climbing on it. The AquariumCan you find the fish?Is it any clearer in this picture?Caleb did not like the waterfall!Georgia Kate loved it!This fish was hugeYou can see how big it was compared to Caleb.He wouldn't sit by himself :)This shark was laying on top of the tunnelAnother fish we couldn't get Caleb to go nearHe really liked the sharksFor those of you who wonder why I am never in any pictures, it is because this is what happens when I hand Adam a camera. To avoid albums full of my rear end, I keep the cameraBlow fish!Horseshoe crabsCaleb didn't know if he should be excited or scaredThis octopus really gave me the creeps. It just kept moving around"Kids! Get out of Mr. Johanson's Yard!"
(Who knows what that was from?)Doesn't this stingray look like it is smiling?Caleb trying to pet the stingrayFrogsCaleb taking on a Siamese Fighting Fish!He gave up and tried to feed the fish Georgia Kate!More big pumpkin sitting Adam and I went to this fountain on our 3rd date. Now, we come back every time we visit Gatlinburg. 5 years ago we would have died laughing if someone had told us this is where we would be...
but we certainly wouldn't trade it in or anything!
Nobody looking at the camera... Georgia Kate is even chewing on her toes!Sure Mom! I'll stop chewing on my toes long enough for you to take a picture!As we headed back to the car, Georgia Kate fell asleep. She was exhausted!