Sunday, August 10, 2008

127 Sale!

This was not my fist time to the sale. I went 3 years ago by myself. It was a lot of fun, but this year was so much better. Dad and Georgia Kate went with me and we had a blast!

I was in search of a trunk to use as a toy box. I didn't want anything that would be ruined should a sippy cup full of milk happen to find it's way to the bottom and not be found for a long period of time. I wanted something that could be climbed on without the slightest hint of buckling. I wanted something with character. And most importantly, I wanted something cheap! This is what I found!

Not bad for $45, huh?

We also bought a HUGE watermelon

Several bags of Pork Rinds :) Yummy!

Georgia Kate really likes them!

I got Adam The Best Of Rap tape and a Huey Lewis And The News tape for his truck!

And this baby toy. I have never seen one like this... The little bear on top dances around and sings. Caleb loves it!

When we got home, Mom called. She fell down the stairs and broke her right ankle and sprained her left ankle. She also bumped her head pretty hard but her CT scan came back negative. She is doing fine now, and Percocet is her friend.

Dad will be out of town for most of the week and Bryant starts back to school tomorrow so Mom will be spending a lot of time at my house the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the break is clean enough this time that it doesn't require any surgery.

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