Friday, January 23, 2009

A Woman's Issue

I had my annual gynocology appointment yesterday.
The problem is my gynocologist is HOT.
Seriously, the man is gorgeous!
The first time I met him, I was pregnant with Caleb.
Adam and I were waiting and as soon as he walked through the door, Adam looked at me with that, "I know what you are thinking" face.
I always take forever to get ready before going to see him.
I spend time picking out a decent outfit, I fix my hair, I put on my makeup meticulously.
After all, there is nothing sexier than a woman in a paper gown.
Once, when I was pregnant with Georgia Kate, morning sickness hit in the middle of my shower.
I managed to shave one leg before I got out and curled up on the floor.
When I got over the queasiness, I forgot to go back and shave the other leg.
I didn't realize this until I set my leg in the stirrups.
He just laughed.
I was instantly in love...
Since we didn't get the hot water tank in the night before, I had to go to my parents to shower and get ready.
(I didn't want to repeat the prickly leg appointment, after all)
I gathered all of my necessities and waited on my Mom, who was coming to watch the kids.
She was a little later than I was expecting her.
I grabbed my things and took off so I could avoid being late.
I showered in peace.
It was heavenly.
 I was feeling great until I realized I had forgotten to pick up a bra.
I had been wearing a brightly colored sports bra and you could see it through the only shirt I took with me.
I ran to my old room, hoping that maybe I had left an old one stuffed somewhere.
No such luck.
I did manage to find an old tank top so I threw on the sports bra the tank top and my sweater.
I looked like the most flat chested person in the world.
When I got to the office I was almost immediately taken to my room.
I patiently waited for Dr. Gorgeous.
I was all decked out in the best looking paper gown in the office.
 He talked to me all the way through the appointment.
 I barely noticed the freezing cold clamps and q-tips stuck in unholy places.
He asked a lot of questions and left me to get dressed.
After some blood work, he sent me on my way.
Good news is everything looks great (I love it when he says that!)...
Bad news is I will have to wait another year to see him again :(


Sass said...

I didn't fall in love with my gynecologist until I was pregnant with my first.

And now...

I wish I could come up with sexy illnesses in order to go see him. Problem is, there are no illnesses in the gynecological realm that are remotely sexy.

And don't get me started on the pediatrician, who also happens to be a family practitioner.

Yum, yum.

And for the record, really, your clothes don't matter when you're going to the gyne. Shouldn't you just pick something that looks nice folded on a chair? hee hee.

Jillene said...

My last "down there" Dr. appointment didn't go so well. )0:

Ashlee said...

I am so glad I am not the only person who insists on folding my clothes so they look pretty! I even fold my socks :)

Anonymous said...

My Gyn is a hottie, too. I always have to wear cute shoes... They're so noticable on the cold white floor...And even if he doesn't notice them, at least I feel hot!

Debbie said...

That's a riot! I'm glad you got to "pretty up" before you went.

Rebecca Jo said...

Visiting from BSU...

This is hilarious though... glad I stopped by today!

kel said...

that is so funny!!! I totally crushed on the ob/gyn I saw before I had Ros! Did you perfume the area??