Thursday, January 22, 2009

Under Construction- Day 2

Do you know what you shouldn't do when any part of your home is under construction?
You absolutely should not try to cut back on caffine.
It has not been pretty.
You should also not to home improvements when you live with someone with severe OCD.
I think I am losing my mind!
Who knew that not doing laundry for three days would absolutely drive me nuts?
I certainly never would have believed it.
Last night, we planned on putting down the linoleum.
The concrete was uneven and there was a gap between the outside wall and the foundation.
We went ahead and fixed those issues.
Since the concrete took WAY longer to set than it was supposed to, our water heater is still sitting in the hallway...
Every time I stub my toe I just remind myself to breathe
(and remember that at least I am not pregnant this time around).


Jillene said...

It's coming along!! I am the same way as you--a little OCD and I want things done yesterday!!

Doublebanker said...

I hate when things are a clutter...or they are a work in progress!

Here's my post with a high-speed gif of bullet through a ketchup bottle

Debbie said...

I hate home improvement projects. The after is great - but getting there is too hard.

pam said...

This is why things are put off for so long. These types of projects that should be easy, never are.

Kacey R. said...

Stop blogging and go get yourself some coffee woman! :o) Good luck on the new room!