Friday, January 23, 2009

Five Things You Should Know During Construction

1)You should not look at your ceiling if any of the work being done involves sanding. You will see massive amounts cobb webs that have been hiding for who knows how long!

2)You should not look at the ceiling if you happen to be painting it. It splashes.

3)You should not leave your hair down while painting. You will end up with gigantic globs of paint in it.

4)You should not trust your husband to tell you about afore mentioned giant globs.

5) You can expect the person waiting behind you at the circus to point out the globs and the rest of your family will then chime in with, "You didn't know? We could see it from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LOBBY!"


Debbie said...

I find it best just to never look at the ceiling, period!
And way to come through with the paint blobs, dear family.

Anonymous said...

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