Monday, January 12, 2009

The Plague Has Landed

Remember last week when I thought my ears were going to explode?
I was simultaneously counting my lucky stars that my children (all three of them) managed to escape the clutches of whatever I had.
My lucky stars held out just long enough for me to feel absolutely, completely better before Adam started complaining of neck pain and a sore throat.
Getting him to go to a doctor is not an easy task. 
I have been telling him to go for days.
Now, he wants to go, and I can't get him in until the 19th!
Georgia Kate was given a perscription when we went in for her eyes, just in case.
 We filled it on Saturday.
She still can't lay flat.
Mommy shoved a pillow under her matteress in hopes that she will nap.
Caleb has been odd today.
He is just sitting.
He never just sits.
He has a fever and is only willing to eat pudding.
And you can bet that Mommy is letting him have every bit of pudding his little heart desires :)
(See the pudding around his mouth? He really like pudding !)

1 comment:

pam said...

Oh your poor babies. Sickness is everywhere these days it seems. All three of my kids have a stomach bug. NOT FUN.

Hope your family is back to normal soon!!