Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Needs the Circus? My House is a ZOO!

I had just settled in to order the super cheap circus tickets this morning.
Super cheap circus tickets that I am super excited about!
Caleb decided he was thirsty.
He grabbed a cup and ran to the fridge to grab the milk.
About the time I hit the button to purchase the super cheap circus tickets, he bounced the milk up onto the edge of the chair.
It of course bounces itself right off into the floor.
I threw my laptop and jerked up the milk jug that I am sure he has busted the lid off of.
Milk is pouring all over the place and the lid is still quite secure.
I ran to the kitchen and threw the leaking jug into the sink and searched for an empty container as the $5 milk poured down the drain.
Nope, not one there...
Maybe if I... No, that won't work either.... Is there one?....
I finally pulled clean container out of the dishwasher and managed to save the majority of it.
Seriously, have you ever seen a milk jug split like this?
P.S. I got my super cheap circus tickets anyway!


Anonymous said...

Mayfields does not spend alot on there trademark yellow jugs like they once did. At one time, you could shoot them and they would not leak!!
We're going yo thr circus!! YEAH


pam said...

That looks like thick plastic, I am surprised it split open. It must have been the way it fell.

Enjoy the circus.