Friday, January 16, 2009

We Have A Problem

I blissfully slept in while Adam got up this morning.
I was really enjoying my peaceful warmth until I heard the laundry room open and Adam telling Caleb,
"We have a problem."

We have clean towels, I thought as I rolled out from under the comforter and wandered into the hallway.

"I don't like 'We have a problem'" what is the matter?"

What do you mean the water heater is frozen?... Wait, why is the washing machine still flashing... Oh! Yeah I had it on yesterday before we went to the doctor's office... Oops! I'm sorry I forgot about it honey... NO HOT WATER? It's only supposed to be 23 today! It isn't going to thaw out...
No, I don't mind going without a shower until you get home, find the frozen blockage and become my knight in shining armor... Now you have a good day at work while I sit here, not doing laundry or the dishes... 


We have hot water! It honestly sounded like someone was breaking into our house through the roof and the poof the water started running! WOOHOO! A flip of the water heater breaker and tada!

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Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry! Any updates on the water? Hope you get it solved soon.