Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crafty Caleb

Caleb is, as I see it, destined to be the next Handy Manny Ty Pennington.
Last year, for Christmas he got the entire Craftsman tool bench and added a Black and Deccer set this year.
He LOVES tools!
Last month, Adam stumbled upon the Home Depot Kids Workshop he gave it a try with Caleb.
They came home with a fancy new Home Depot apron, a very nice, REAL hammer and a really neat art easel.
Today, they made helmet bookends.
He is so proud of his new "Footballs" and is still begging to use the hammer from last months! 


pam said...

How cute, he even wore his Handy Manny sweat shirt. Gotta love those Home Depot kids workshops.

pam said...

Hey Ashlee, I have tagged you. Play along if you want to. It is a ways down on my blog if you want to look for it.

Thanks, Pam