Monday, January 26, 2009

Days Like This...

I am having a day.
I need something.
Maybe it's something filled with cheese...
No, make it chinese food....
Scratch that, honey, bring home some chocolate :)
You see, as I snuggled into bed around midnight last night, Georgia Kate woke up.
She was furious and nothing calmed her.
Teething sucks!
We ended up snuggled in the gigantic recliner, asleep.
I am fairly sure I went to sleep with one child in my arms.
When I woke up at 4 this morning, I had a child snuggled firmly under each arm and a black eye.
How did I get the black eye, you ask?
I wish I had some awesome story that involved something even a little exciting, but honestly...
 I have no idea.
You would think if one of them hit me hard enough to black my eye I would wake up.
Nope, I slept right through it.


Jillene said...

I have had MANY of those nights!!

Doublebanker said...

Ouch...a sleeping black eye. You gotta add a photo of that! Teething does suck!!!

Check out this slow motion of a bullet through a watermelon.

Kacey R. said...

Teething really stinks! Sorry about the black eye too. If it makes you feel better - Ryder broke my nose about a year ago - that REALLY hurt. LOL

I answered your paint question back on my blog in the comments section but wanted to pop over for a visit too. The paint is at Lowe's - it's Olympic and the color is Guacamole. Too much fun! Not too dark and not neon. I LOVE it.

Martie said...

That's Mama tiredness for ya! :O)

mom to 9

pam said...

You must be exhausted.

I have been there on many sleepless nights.