Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Circus, Circus

I loved the circus as a child.
It was always so much fun!
We decided that Caleb would really be into seeing all the animals so we gave it a shot.
The excitement was high when we left the house!
It quickly  faded
Honestly, it was quite disappointing.
They didn't do a lot to keep the kids' interest.
The only animals they had were Elephants, Tigers and dogs.
(Can you consider it s a circus without horses?)
I even found myself dazed several times.
A lot of families were getting up and leaving before the show was even close to being over.
Hopefully Barnum and Bailey will get the hint and go back to the three ring format and bring back the excitemet!


Doublebanker said...

I remember the circus including enough to keep me interested. Maybe they've seen cutbacks...gotta be expensive to haul around all the horses :)

Check out my post of an airball freethrow!

Me said...

I totally agree! I have GREAT memories of the circus as a kid and the last time we went...what a bummer. I DID enjoy watching my kids enjoy themselves! It still left much to be desired!

kel said...

Oh my gosh... we love the circus! we went their for the first time last year and we are all set to go again in April this year!!!

Kacey R. said...

I loved the circus as a kid too and we hope to take all of the kids next year. But when were dogs considered circus animals? I seriously cracked up when I read that! LOL

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia we have No Elephants in any circus, No tigers in any circus. Breeding and import restrictions mean no more. The last elephants retired in 2008. Please appreciate seeing these animals, it is a resource lost to our children and families. Please encourage the circus to add horses if that is what you would like to see.

pam said...

Oh that is too bad.

My cousin is in a circus, I will have to ask my mom which one it is. Hopefully, it is not the one you went to see.

Mariel said...

I felt the same way when I took my kids to the circus last. No lion tamers, no scary tight rope walker. Lame. I said never again, my kids are pretty bummed. It was still good enough for them!

Cute family!