Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Could You Not Love Him?

I am really trying to cut back on the amount of sugar and caffine I consume.
Since I love sweet tea, this has not been easy.
I reduced the sugar I put into it, as well as added more water to each pitcher.
Needless to say, it doesn't taste quite as good as it used to.
Even Adam is noticing the difference.
The following conversation took place in our kitchen last night.

Adam: Is there anything to drink?
Me: There is tea in the fridge.
Adam: Does it have more sugar?
Me: It is the same one I made this morning.
Adam: That's why it's still there.
Me: Just drink it. The lack of sugar will start to grow on you.
Adam: Yeah. Like herpes.

Yes, this is why I love him.


Me said...

I don't care who ya are..that's funny right there!

kel said...

Very funny!

Lana said...

Don't think I'll ever look at sweet tea the same again...