Monday, January 5, 2009

My ears are about to explode and I have completely lost my voice.
Not to mention that my clean laundry is piled up, unfolded, and looks like this...
With all of this going on, I am lacking in the overly creative department today so I am going to post some thank yous that I have been meaning to post for a while but just kept forgetting...
First, THANK YOU! to Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Alex for:
1) Georgia Kate's birthday present!
It is adorable!
and it's matching jacket
and 2) for the delicious Christmas Cookies!
And THANK YOU! to Mom for getting the kids Pluto!
Bryant and I had this toy as a child.
Caleb plays with it all the time at Mom and Dads, but they don't sell them now.
She ran across it at a consignment shop and now we have one to keep here!


pam said...

Does Pluto walk? That toy looks familiar to me, I wonder if we had one.

Ashlee said...

He does walk! And he barks and wags his tail! Caleb loves him just as much I remember loving him as a child!

Lorie said...

Great photos! Those cookies are cute!