Friday, January 2, 2009

Pride in a Pocket

Georgia Kate woke up around 4 o'clock this morning with her right eye nearly swollen shut.
It was oozing and crusty and quite obviously infected.
A visit to our wonderful pediatricians resulted in a perscription for eye drops.
As I waited to get her perscription filled, a guy around my age got in line.
He was an average looking guy.
Black hat, black sweat shirt.
The pockets on his jeans fell somwhere around mid-calve.
He was having to stand with his legs spread apart to keep them from falling to the floor.
It took everything I had to not pull his pants up to a semi-respectable place on his hips.
When did I become so old?
Did having two children really send me that far out of the loop?
I was quite relieved when they called my name.
I paid for my perscription, bleach and gallon of milk and left the store a little more proud of my Mommy status.

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