Thursday, January 8, 2009

Help! I'm turning into my Mother!

It isn't that my mother is horrible.
In fact, I love her.
But as with every mother/daughter duo, we find that we can drive eachother nuts.
You see, when I was younger, Mom and Dad also recieved a whole turkey for Christmas.
It was a really nice present except that not a single one of us ate turkey.
Did that stop Mom?
Absolutely not!
She cooked the turkey and then complained because it had barely been touched during dinner.
That didn't stop her either.
She continued to mix turkey into every conceivable meal until it was gone.
We had turkey chili, some kind of turkey bake, and the most torturous of all, Turkey Mac N Cheese!
I'm pretty sure I refused to eat for the entire week.
When I called Mom yesterday, she mentioned that she really wanted some soup.
I told her I had some Turkey soup leftover.
She laughed until she cried.


pam said...

Hey - great new look!!

I love that story, it is true, I think we do turn into our mothers' at some point. When we are kids we swear we will never be like our parents. And then one day you realize that you are just like them.

Lindsey said...

dont worry ashlee.. it happens to the best of us. and after all you do have a pretty great mom so it could be worse :)

Kelly said...

That makes me laugh. My mother in law is a huge turkey leftover lady. She makes the soup, freezes the turkey with gravy in serving size portions so it can revisit you at a later date. Even though I swear I wont do the turkey gravy combo, it is very true that you do become like your mother. Don't worry though, think of the things that make you proud to have your mother, and then realize that you are fortunate to be like her. Have a great day!