Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As we got up for the doctor this morning, Caleb was fine.
A very low fever.
Still a little sluggish, but playing and feeling much better.
I took him in anyway.
As he stepped on the scales I noticed a rash.
A closer look revealed HIVES!
Apparently there is a virus going around that includes hives as a symptom!
A dose of benadryl removed the pesky bumps and induced extreme drowsiness.
He is now crashed out on the couch.
Adam was feeling so bad this morning, he called into work.
Caleb tried to cheer him up....
but only managed to have me rolling on the floor.
We head back to the doctor again this afternoon!
I wonder if we can get a group rate?


kel said...

gosh, I feel your pain!! When one gets sick, we all get sick! such fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon.

Sass said...

I always try to be sneaky and just have the doctor write prescriptions for at least four of us when one of us gets sick.

Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

Depends on what I'm wearing.

I kid, I kid...sort of. ;)

Hey, I'm working on your interview questions...I'll send them no later than Friday. Hope you're ready.

And where shall I send them? :)