Friday, November 21, 2008

Potty Training Boys...

I haven't had any experience potty training a child.
Yes, I worked in a daycare, but I was in the older kids room and they were required to be potty trained by the time they got to me.
I have heard that potty training a boy is harder than training a girl.
It took Caleb a long time to get "into" the potty training but it seems to have clicked.
The last couple of days have been accident free. He even gets up at naps to go potty.
I was feeling so good about getting him this far so quickly!
He was playing with Adam last night when it occured to him that he hadn't pottied in a while.
Off to the bathroom they went.
Caleb returned to the living room with a triumphant look.
Adam didn't share his enthusiasm.
He sant down on the couch beside me and said with a big sigh,
"You taught him to pee like a girl!"

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