Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adam's Purple Heart

Many of you don't know that Adam has a purple heart.
It is a fantastic speciman to behold.
He recieved it while he was on a deployment before we met.
It was a far away place known as Camp Dodge, Iowa.
He was assisting in construction of a new building.
On this particular day, he was installing electrical boxes.
As he screwed one into the wall, it twisted and caught him right above his eye.
The shock knocked him to the ground and left a gash on his forehead.
He was bandaged up and returned to work and I am sure everyone gave him a hard time.
Before they were to return home, he was presented with a craft store "purple heart" for his bravery while defending his country against the electrical box enemey.
I wish I could post a picture of the infamous "purple heart" but he has hidden it from me.
Happy Veterans Day Eveyone!

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The Butler Family said...

Some people do believe thats it's a great honor to recieve a purple heart. My father has two,and he can care less for them. He served two tours in Vietnam. He recieved his first purple heart by getting shot in the right hand and leg. He then went back for his 2nd tour and recieved the 2nd PH from losing his right leg from a land mine.