Monday, November 3, 2008

Play-Doh Playtime!

When I was little, Mom never let me play with Play-Doh.
I always wanted the fun Play-Doh accessories!
She was always afraid that it would get ground into the carpet and never come up.
I was forcing Adam to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 the other night when she made edible Play- Doh.
Adam asked what Caleb thought of Play-Doh.
Because I had never played with it as a child, it had never occured to me to get him any.
Then fate stepped in!
I had to run to the store to pick up a few last minute costume supplies and they had all of their halloween things on clearance.
The Play-Doh that you can hand out instead of candy was $2.
I got excited!
After they played outside for an eternity last night, it was time to come in and wind down.
Adam and Caleb set down for some Play-Doh bonding time...
He wasn't overly impressed at first...
Then, Mommy got out the cookie cutters!
They kept making little men and making him "run" across the table screaming, "ROAR, ROAR"
Making Mommy a heart
I love my boys :)


Sass said...

Those are sweet pictures. ;)

I love the thought of play-doh, but I nearly throw up when I smell it. Yuck.

Dustin, Caroline and Taylor said...

How much fun!! I will have to try play-doh with Taylor soon. I also love John and Kate Plus 8...if they can do eight, I can do one :)