Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Spirit

It is no secret that I love Christmas.
It is no secret that Adam doesn't.

I don't remember many details of last years Christmas.
Georgia Kate wasn't even a month old.
I wasn't sleeping.

I do remember that I absolutely had to have the Christmas tree up early.
I cried when Adam stayed home to help me.
I remember finding Adam the "Disco Ball" tree topper.
I remember sitting in the parking lot of Kohls crying because I couldn't remember what or who I had driven there for.
I remember wanting to punch the mall Santa.

Maybe that's why I start my Christmas excitement early.
By the time it rolls around, I'm stressed, I'm exhausted and I'm fed up with long lines and grumpy people.
Right now, people are friendly.
They may look at me like I have lost my mind for purshasing 6000 sheets of tissue paper, but that is alright.
I'm used to it...

I am sure my excitement is wearing on Adam's nerves. 
I am sure he is over John Denver and the Muppets and The Chipmunks Christmas.
He could probably live without me reminding him daily that we get to put the tree up on Thanksgiving and then telling him how many days away that is.
I know he could live without my indecision of what to get everyone and the hours of wrapping and rewrapping (we do have curious kids after all).
He knows that by the time Christmas is here I won't be the normal Ashlee. I will the the crazy, holiday obsessed, overly emotional Ashlee and he will step in and help me because he loves me and deep down he really does love Christmas :)

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The Iverson's said...

we have a lot in common! I love Christmas and my husband isn't a fan either. He tells me everyday that he better not come home to decorations before thanksgiving, lol.