Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Political Views

I went with Mom during the 1992 (Clinton/ Bush) elections.
I was in the thrid grade...
They had this cool kids vote area set up.
While your parents were casting their vote, you could too!
I was so excited!
I punched the buttons and got my "I Voted" sticker and a sucker.
When we got to the car, Mom asked, "So, who did you vote for?"
"Clinton," I replied.
"Why?" she questioned.
I looked are her like I had supreme knowledge and said, "because of his policies."
It was only the beginning of our differing political views.
When I voted Kerry/Edwards in 2004, I'm pretty sure Mom figured out why some animals eat their young.
She was overwhelmingly relieved when we fell on the same side this year, even if it was for very different reasons.
Last  nights race didn't turn out quite the way we had hoped.
Adam and I decided on our honeymoon, if we should ever need to flee the country, we would run to the Cayman Islands.
Now seems like a good time :)
Adam is going to become a tour boat driver... nevermind the fact that he gets sea sick... they sell Dramamine.
I am going to open a custom bikini shop with a spunky name... you know, something like Bikinis In An Hour

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