Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Overdose

Georgia Kate was in a such a good mood on Halloween.
We spent most of the day at Mom and Dads trying to set up for a dinner party.
Georgia Kate loves this police car rocker!
Caleb had lots of fun, too.
He had so much fun, in fact, that he didn't take a nap.
When it came time to put on costumes he had a complete meltdown.
He had change in the pocket of the pants I took off of him.
His new costume pants didn't have pockets so he couldn't carry his "monies."
Because of the gigantic meltdown, I got two pictures of him.
The little booger just would not let me take a picture.
Georgia Kate's first sucker!
Adam rode the esculator with him.
Saturday night, Adam and I went to Randy and Jessica's house for a costume party.
I think Adam's costume turned out pretty good!
Adam and Jake
(for some reason we have a lot of pictures of Jake and very few of anyone else)
Adam, Jake, and Amy (Jake's wife)
Jake and Amy were the teenage Pebbles and Bamm Bamm
Check out Jake's feet!
Disclaimer: My butt is really not this big.
I have one of those things to make the skirt poof out.
The sharp edge was making a place on my leg, so I pulled it up.
Then my stockings wouldn't stay up...
 This is how the night ended for me.
Two nights without the kiddos is wearing on me.
I'm definately not a party girl.

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