Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I finally finished Georgia Kate's dress!
Adam was watching weird things on TV so I put the buttons on it.
Let me just say, I LOVE IT!
It doesn't hurt that the model is totally cute either :)
She pulled out some of her best modeling moves for me...
The crazed/ excited look...
The "Mommy, I know you trying to take a picture of me so here is my great big fake smile" look
The "Oops! I dropped my toy as you took the picture and sat down to grab it" pose...
I love her!
Moving on... Have you guys ever heard of
I stumbled upon it last night and it is a site where you can sell and buy homemade things.
They have some of the cutest children's clothes that I have ever seen!
If I weren't so stubborn, I would probably give up on making things and just buy them there.
I, however, love to see how things turn out when I do them myself.
Once in a while things turn out just right :)

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Lindsey said...

The dress is great girl! I just called your mom for her bday earlier and asked for pics of her beautiful grandchildren so she sent me here! Excited to be able to keep up with you now! Oh and what pattern did you use for that dress? I want to try too :)