Friday, November 7, 2008

Other Peoples Junk...

I was in a really crappy mood last night.
You know the kind of mood where you drink wine straight from the bottle because you know it is going to be you that has to clean the glass?
The kids were starving and I had forgotten to lay out anything for dinner.
Adam called to say he was going to be late and that sent me over the edge.
Georgia Kate fell asleep waiting on dinner.
I fed Caleb and put jammies on him.
I was ready to collapse when Adam walked in with two boxes and plopped them on the kitchen table.
A little annoyed at the mess I was sure I was going to have to clean up, I peeked into the box...
Dad came across his mother's old patterns in the garage!
They are fabulous!
I have semi- sifted through them and have found several that I am dieing to make!
Tonight, I am forcing Adam to help me find some cheap fabric stores because I am pretty sure I will send us into bankruptcy if I keep going to JoAnns :)

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