Monday, November 10, 2008

In A Fog...

Due to paint fumes and a serious lack of sleep, please excuse me if this is an incoherent post :)
Since we are having Georgia Kate's birthday party at our house, we spent the weekend fixing it up.
Adam repainted the ceilings in Georgia Kate's room and the bathroom.
He also touched up trim and helped me hang curtain rods.
When Dad came over, they fixed the front door that wouldn't open or close!
I spent Saturday taping off the kitchen because it was in desperate need of paint.
There is a wall of beadboard that took forever to paint because you have to get into every crevice.
After that, it went pretty quickly.
It still needs one more coat, but I am totally loving it!
We had to use this stuff on the wall to remove all the grime from cooking and little hands.
Adam fell in love with it!
He washed all of my doors and trim and cabinets... They look brand new!

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