Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Sorry about not making a post yesterday! I didn't think I had anything good until I uploaded pictures today!
Georgia Kate needed a bath after lunch!
She is finally getting to where she loves to take a bath! Her face is splotchy here because she is apparently allergic to mustard...
Caleb needed to stay entertained while I cleaned up Georgia Kate.
Is there any better way to fight off bordom than turning the sink into a fountain?
After her bath, Georgia Kate snuck off. She was being so quiet! I looked everwhere for her and finally found her in her favorite chair under my sewing machine. Crazy girl.
Caleb gave Georgia Kate a ride on his four wheeler!
"Are you sure?"
Move your head! Blue's Clues is on!
Riding with Caleb makes her nervous!
and silly
and oh so excited!

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