Monday, October 6, 2008

Concert Recap!

We had a really great time! Our tickets were on the 27th row so it was a little hard to see over the incredibly tall woman two rows ahead of me and her equally tall husband. But, other than that it was a great time!
Before the concert
In front of the stage!
A band called Naturally 7 opened the show. They have an interesting concept. They do what I call beat boxing. They call it "Wall of Sound." Every sound you hear is made with their voice. There are absolutely no musical insturments being played.  Here is their video.
It was really neat to watch them do their thing individually so we could hear exactly what each "wall" sounded like.
Michael sang songs off of his previous albums as well as previewing a couple from his next album. All I can say is what a voice!
Ok... so I knocked four women out of my way to take these pictures, but I got them!
Michael Buble and Naturally 7
Adam sat beside a newly engaged couple. They seemed very intelligent, although very mushy, up until Michael Buble sang "Home." His background showed scenes from around Knoxville. A picture of Bruce Pearl flashed on the screen. After the song, Michael pointed out that Bruce was actually in the audience. A mixtures of Woos and Boos rang out. The little couple asked, "Who is that?" I thought Adam was going to die! LOL!

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