Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beware... The World's Deadliest Chicken Nugget

I have not had a good day.
I took the trash out this morning.
As I jumped across the drive way bare foot, I stepped on something sharp.
It was cold so I ignored the pain until I bounded back into the house.
I look down only to find a piece of chicken nugget from yesterdays lunch wedged into my heel.
A chicken nugget!
It had apparently fallen out of one of the kids clothes and refrozen over night.
When my foot caught it this morning it made a nice little cut.
I can just see bags of chicken nuggets with
Warning: Hazzardous when frozen
written across the label.
The World's Deadlist Chicken Nugget put me in a bad mood.
To add insult to injury, Caleb got wild today.
I am pretty sure it is because he hasn't been sleeping well.
He was just trying to stay awake, but he was driving me up the wall!
When Adam got home, they went to the park to run off some energy.
It must have worked.
He sat down and watched "Toy Story" in it's entirety before heading to bed.
And finally
Today, my baby is 11 months old!
It just doesn't seem possible!
I remember being pregnant like it was just yesterday.
A year ago, I was having contractions on a regular basis.
To bad they were 5 minutes apart for the next 3 weeks...
You know, maybe today wasn't so bad afterall...

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