Thursday, October 30, 2008


Adam and I picked Halloween costumes last night.
I am not going to reveal our costumes until I post the pictures on Sunday... sorry!
I will post the kids pictures tommorrow!
Do you know how ridicuosly expensive costumes are?
The past two years we bought Calebs.
I got his super cheap last year because is had some flaws.
The year before, it was his first halloween so I didn't care how much money we spent :)
This year, I spent somewhere around $20 in material to make Caleb and Georgia Kate's.
Since we are in such a crunch, I decided to buy one and make one for myself and Adam. 
I bought mine because it had a little more detail work.
They had the one Adam wanted to be, but it was $50!
Fifty dollars for a couple of seams?!?
The halloween store happened to be right next to the fabric store.
I ran in and got more than enough to make Adam's costume, and a couple of spools of lace to add a few embellishments to mine.
Is it weird that I am this excited?

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