Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Past and Present!

Getting ready to leave the house
With a 50/50 shot, he gets it right about 3% of the time :)
Waiting on lunch!
Playing in the MASSIVE sand box!
He picked up all the trucks and put them around him.
I guess it was a good thing he was the only kid in the sand box
until Adam got in, of course...
Caleb last year
Georgia Kate this year
The tunnell slide!
Caleb last year
Caleb this year!
Georgia Kate
Can you see how exctied Caleb was to get to sit beside Mommy?
At least he wasn't a whole lot happier with Daddy
Last year
This year
Last year
This year
Last year
This year
We searched the patch for the best pumpkin pie pumpkins.
Adam found one!
Caleb eating Cotton Candy
(his mouth was pink in person)
Going through the corn maze, Caleb insisted on pulling Georgia Kate in the wagon
Such a good big brother
We also crammed Boo at the Zoo in yesterday!
Because it was so chilly we put them in warm costumes.
Caleb wore his skunk from last year and Georgia Kate wore Caleb's old monkey costume
Caleb's scared face
Caleb and I rode Ruby the Camel
The black and white animals seem to be drawn to Caleb.
The zebra came right up to the gate and so did the penquins :)

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