Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lost Card

While at the Fall Festival Friday, I borrowed Phyllis's memory card to copy pictures onto my camera. As I scrolled through, I noticed that most of them happened to be taken at Mom and Dads house.

It turns out Mom lost her memory card either during my false labor on Thanksgiving for during all the festivities at Christmas. Phyllis found it and Mom told her to use it.

I took it from Phyllis so I could copy the pictures onto my computer and clear it off for her. I couldn't believe what I found!
Pictures from Tennessee Christmas the year we were in Yuma!
Phyllis, Taylor, Michael and the girls
Mom and Phyllis
Caleb's sweet teeny tiny feet!
Before he could walk :(
or had hair :(
Pictures from Amanda's baby shower
We all wen to school togther and were all pregnant at the same time.
Amanda had Avery October 3, I had Georgia Kate November 30, and Danielle had Addison and Brody February 15.
Would you believe I am 8 months pregnant here?
I certainly didn't!

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