Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bon Bons and Oprah

Adam has come to realize I do much more than just sit around during the day.
He readily admits that being a stay at home dad is not for him and he would lose his mind.
With that said, this is what my living room looked like BEFORE nap time
Lets see, there is the car seat from Adam's truck, 3 blankets, the diaper basket void of all diapers, Caleb's truck bucket, pajama, tools, toys, the bottom of another basket, too many different cars to count, and pumpkin bread crumbs...


Anonymous said...

A cool warts and all Mommy blog, enjoyed my visit.


Caffeine Court said...

I feel your pain. Every time I get things looking nice, my little elves come in and trash the place!

Dustin, Caroline and Taylor said...

Looks like my living room...