Friday, October 24, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday!

Caleb's new hat!
I think he was protecting himself from the threat of aliens :)
It isn't warm enough to run the air at night but it isn't quite cool enough to run the fireplace for long periods of time. So, we bundle the children up in case they wiggle out of their blankets at night. I can't keep socks on Georgia Kate so I had to start putting Caleb's old socks on her. They come up so high she can't pull them off and her toes stay warm!
I accidentally left Caleb's shoes at Mom and Dads today.
Adam ran to walmart for me and the shoes Caleb had were a little on the snug side.
So, Adam did what any one would do and bought these SUPER COOL spider man shoes with light up action on the heel and toe!
These beat out the Thomas the Train shoes because they weren't manly enough!

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